Are you a Global Healer and Visionary?

Join us for the 2017 SoulShifting Retreat and Shamanic Apprenticeship series at the Equatorial fat belly of PachaMama for a deepening of our shared awakening. This June 18-22, September 20-24, and December 18-22, 2017 the ever evolving SoulShifting Community of Earth Honoring Practitioners of Global Transformation will be gathering again to celebrate, learn, grow, connect, and work with the ancestral and elemental energies of Mother Earth.

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Do you feel yourself awakening into your Personal Genius and Life’s True Purpose?

We are an eco-spiritual global community of conscious evolutionaries working with cross-cultural indigenous technologies in service to a shared vision of a peacefully evolving Earth, clean waters, healthy land, and liberated souls.

We gather in community at energetically potent locations on the Earth and co-create ritual for the safety and well-being of all sentient beings. We gather in community to cultivate our awakening processes and support the rapidly shifting consciousness and energies of PachaMama, our communities, and ourselves.

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Are you committed to co-creating in harmony for the Coming 7 Generations?

In 2017 we continue anchoring our SoulShifting umbilical connection at the “cusco” or navel of the Mother Earth in tranquil coastal Ecuador. We evolve and heal ourselves and our legacies, Bridging down into the Core of the Earth and our shared destinies as Earth Stewards. Solstice SoulShifting Retreat June and December, 2017.

This year please note the addition of Bridging Down Into The Core Equinox retreat for racial healing. An Equinox Ancestral Bridge Retreat for Racial Healing with an invitation to a cross cultural community of Visionaries including those of White/European Descent to do the necessary ancestral ritual in service to healing old ancestral woundedness on September 20-24, 2017. We will raise the frequency of our ancestors and open the way to our harmonious global community. More on Bridging Down Into The Core.

In 2018 we will SoulShift north onto Turtle Island with Retreats and Ritual on “Working the Root Chakra of our Planet”. (Apu Mt. Shasta, California, USA.)

We welcome participants of all ages, genders, races, and cultural backgrounds who resonate with their power as Global Conscious Evolutionaries!

We invite you to journey deeper into this site and resonate with our shared vision. Enjoy!

For more on the Retreat and Apprenticeship Experience click Here:  SoulShifting Retreats 2017!

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