Do you feel yourself awakening into your Personal Genius and Life’s True Purpose?

SoulShifting Retreats is an International Pilgrimage and Ceremony apprenticeship community committed to the Protection, Preservation, and Practice of Ancestral Wisdom Traditions. We gather in community at energetically potent locations on the Earth and co-create ritual for the safety and well-being of all sentient beings and to cultivate our awakening processes and support the rapidly shifting consciousness and energies of PachaMama, our communities, and ourselves.

We are an eco-spiritual global community of conscious evolutionaries working with cross-cultural indigenous technologies in service to a shared vision of a peacefully evolving Earth, clean waters, healthy land, and liberated souls.

Join us for the 2018 SoulShifting Retreat and Shamanic Apprenticeship series as we continue from the fat belly of  PachaMama to Turtle Island (North America) for a deepening of our shared awakening. This year we will be focusing on ancestralization rituals to cross over our ancestors who are ready to transition into the next paradigm of their evolution, and on communication with and through the tectonic plate and ley line (ceque system) meridian grids of the Planet.  We continue to gather, to celebrate, learn, grow, connect, and work with the ancestral and elemental energies of Mother Earth.

Our first gathering will take place March 30 – April 1 in New Orleans, LA where we will be co-creating with our most benevolent ancestors on Resurrection Sunday weekend to honor those who have been contained in this dimension as ongoing survivors of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade and subsequent ancestral legacy dissonance.

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We welcome resonant participants of all ages, genders, races, and cultural backgrounds who resonate with their power as Global Conscious Evolutionaries! We are an lgbtq afro-indigenous centered community of GayteKeepers on Duty!

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