SoulShifting December Retreat

Personal and Planetary Transformation Apprenticeship with Dr. G. Love and Zoë Flowers

December 17th – 21st 2016 in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Cross Cultural Elemental Healers Dr. G. Love and Zoë Flowers are once again answering the call to bring forth a gathering of kindred souls that are ready to align their hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits in service to our collective Global and Universal Conscious Evolution. We know that we can accomplish so much more growth and expansion in community than we can as individuals.

“The time of the Lone Wolf is over!”

Our SoulShifting gathering of global visionaries this June was an hystoric synchretic ritual of cross-cultural indigenous technologies devoted to conscious evolution and the healing of Mother Earth. Global prophesy tells us that the portal of personal and planetary transformation that is 2012-2017 is at its Apex. NOW is the time to plant seeds for the burgeoning paradigms of the future!
Using the altar of Complete World Transformation known as The Pachakuti Mesa as our ceremonial ground, we are weaving tapestries of global awakening with the assistance of technologies and guides from Peru, Ecuador (Heart Island), North America (Turtle Island), Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Europe, Japan, and Tibet.

If you are feeling called to do the work of true Earth Stewardship and the reawakening of human consciousness, we invite you to join us where the Rainforest meets the Ocean, December 17-21, 2016 for our 2nd Solstice SoulShifting Retreat at the Coastal Paradise Lodge, Hostería Oceanic in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador.

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The 5­-day retreat and apprenticeship will include collective visioning and dreaming sessions, grief rituals with the ocean and fire elements, the creation of your personal altar of world transformation from the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, walking meditations, healing circles for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, manifestation work, and free time all designed to assist you with walking bravely into your empowered success.

We welcome participants of all ages, genders, races, and cultural backgrounds who resonate with their power as Global Conscious Evolutionaries.

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Your Spiral Spirited SoulShifting guides Dr. G. Love and Zoë Flowers


“The Soulshifting retreat really helped me connect with myself and my ancestors. My choices are coming from a clearer place & that’s enabling me to really go after what I want. Also having a community to come back to always helps you get clear and make the right decisions for yourself. What worked best for me was the apprenticeship model of learning.

It was priceless to learn from individuals by sharing space, sharing food, sharing ritual. Having fun while learning and experiencing it all on different planes all at once is something I hadn’t experienced until Soulshifting 2016. I feel like I left with information not only in my mind but in my spirit (in all 5 directions actually 🙂 )” –Natasha


“Beach water makes your hair look so good and the food is better than the food in the states times 500 and the healing from these is so damn worth everything. The magic that goes on at this retreat is real and destined and historic.” –Jonny


“Working with Geryll (Dr. G) is entering into a co­creational partnership of unconditional love. She creates a space that allows for a person to connect with and express their inner knowingness. She has a keen sense of the bigger dimensional picture as it relates to each person, and with care and utmost consideration she mentors and guides one back to their unique truth. Geryll‘s respect of each individual’s potential, allows a person’s feet and inner voice to be solidly grounded on the path of the next phase of their journey.” –Shannon


“The retreat came at a perfect time when I was dealing with too much grief and felt frozen in my ability to continue making life decisions. Both the gorgeous environment and the tools provided by Dr. Love and Flowers have greatly contributed in helping me shed negative energies and empowered me to restart my life journey in a more affirming and positive manner.” -Laurence


“The Soul Shifting Retreat in Ecuador was a overwhelming experience–in the most delightful way.  My spirit begin to pull at me to get back on path and continue self development and evolution.  My time at the Mesa Lodge was the key to reopen my purpose and point of intentions.Being with an amazing group of women (IN FREAKIN’ ECUADOR) facing the same direction was truly something that I desired. The level of consciousness and power confirmed that I too was a part of it all.

Each day that was spent in the Mesa Lodge not only built relationships spiritually, it also gave a birds eye view of how much work is being practiced. So many healers. Each ritual led me closer to closure and feeling secure, confident and the ability to over-stand that my purpose matters and is needed. My favorite was the water ritual.  It allowed me to release what I had become bondage to. The fear, insecurities, anxiety, depression, aggression, confusion & lack of clarity of purpose—but most of the all, the loss in communication of loved ones that had transitioned to the other side.” -Tmesha


“I have a new confidence that my vocation and avocation will come together. This has been a long, arduous journey for me. I’ve needed to re-frame my spiritual practice to guide me in how best to put myself “out there” and handle the consequences of doing so.
What I was taught and the connections I made were invaluable to move me forward.

 I experienced this retreat as more beneficial to those who are seriously desiring change. Be honest with where you’re at. You can satisfy curiosity and exploration in other ways. If you need things to change, however, this may be for you.” -Isis



Tuition for this 5-­day intensive is $1712 This includes access to all classes, lodging, and meals. Travel is not included. The Oceanic Lodge also provides tours, Snorkeling, Diving, and Surfing for a minimal price.

Space is limited for this unique Shamanic Soul Journey.
We encourage you to register early. For more information email:

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