Frequently asked questions

Do I need any prior experience to be a part of SoulShifting Retreats?
Nope. Just your lived wisdom, vision, and ancestral connections.

Are SoulShifting Retreats part of a religion or dogma?
No. We are a cross-cultural inter-generational collective from various backgrounds and belief systems. We are committed to joyfully healing ourselves, the collective consciousness and our Planet for the coming 7 Generations.


Is travel to Ecuador covered by the retreat price?
No. You are responsible for your travel to and from Hosteria Oceanic in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. We will arrange taxi pick ups for you from Guayaquil Airport to Puerto Lopez if you desire. Taxi’s are $85 and can be shared with other SoulShifters who arrive around the same time. Buses run from Guayaquil to Puerto Lopez from the morning until about 5pm for $5. Cooperativa Jipijapa is the name of the bus company that travels from Guayaquil to Puerto Lopez and back. Please give yourself at least 60-90 mins to get through customs. You can take a quick cheap taxi to the bus station if you are traveling by bus.

How and when do I get to Puerto Lopez, Ecuador for the retreat?
A number of International Airlines travel to Guayaquil Airport from around the world. The earlier you book the cheaper the flights. You are encouraged to travel at least one day earlier on the 16th so you can be ready for gathering in the Mesa Lodge at 10am on the 17th. Extra nights are available at Oceanic for our group rate of about $25 night.
Travel from the airport to Puerto Lopez is about 3-4 hours so schedule your RETURN flight home for late afternoon or night to give you ample travel time to the Airport.

Are meals included?
Yes, the retreat costs cover 5 nights and meals. You are responsible for all extra nights spent. Our SoulShifting prices for food and lodging after or before the retreat are relatively low (about $25 night including breakfast)and extending your time at Oceanic for reintegrating your self and some local sightseeing is highly recommended if possible. Vegetarian, Vegan, and gluten free meals are available upon request. Our chefs are amazing and very attentive.


What is the weather like?
We are in a perpetual summer South of the Equator so light beach and summer gear with a wrap for cool nights/and mornings is ideal. We are on the beach and have a pool so bring your swimwear!

Do I need a Visa?
If traveling from Canada or the US you only need a valid passport. Travel from other countries may require Visas.

Do I need vaccinations?
They are not required for entry into Ecuador.

What is the monetary exchange?
Ecuador uses USD $. It is suggested that you travel with cash if possible as most businesses here only deal in cash. ATM’s are available in town. Bring small bills (1’s and 5’s) as many vendors do not carry alot of change. A slim money belt worn under the clothing is useful for travel with cash.

Is it safe in Puerto Lopez?
Generally speaking, Puerto Lopez is a sleepy, stable, sweet town with a very low crime rate.