June 20-24 and December 19-23, 2018 in Magnolia Mississippi: SoulShifting Retreats

Dr. G. Love and our esteemed elder, teacher, healer, and guide Sakara Kemilla are thrilled to be holding space for the 2018 Solstice SoulShifting Retreats in Turtle Island.

This year we will be apprenticing with the Elementals of the Lower Mississippi River Basin as we continue to elevate the consciousness of Mother Earth and all sentient universal beings.

Are you feeling compelled to evolve past your own borders and engage life in an increasingly complex and multidimensional fashion?

Are you feeling the call for PERSONAL and PLANETARY LIBERATION from millennia of repeated cycles of war and delusion?

Are you a visionary, healer, teacher, or guide who feels called to work in community to elevate your practice along the ascension spiral?

Solstice SoulShifting Retreats and Shamanic Apprenticeships June 20-24, and December 19-23, 2018 

is focused on GRADUATING LINEAGES OF ANCESTORS along the ascension spiral. As above so Below! We are called to elevate our most illuminated ancestors as they move towards becoming a part of The Holy Cozmic Forces or NaTuRe Elementals such as Orisha, or other global pantheonic representations of NTR. This necessary work is part of the reorganization and foundation building blocks of our burgeoning new paradigm.

SoulShifting is a life evolving opportunity to be in ceremony and community with like spirited souls in service to conscious evolution and the coming 7 Generations. Apprenticing with our brilliant Elder Sakara Kemilla and Dr. G. Love will assist you as you embrace and embody your personal genius as a representative of the coming new paradigm.

To Register and for more information please email us at info@soulshiftingretreats.com

We welcome participants of all ages, genders, races, and cultural backgrounds who resonate with their power as Global Conscious Evolutionaries!

Ancestral reflection and shadow

This Year we will continue working within our Mesa Lodge of World Transformation as we go deeper into the technologies of our ancestors. Each of us carry a profound multidimensional legacy in our spirits and the work we do together as a sacred hoop assists in the deeper awakening to the messages of our elemental, unseen, and benevolent ancestors and guides in Service to the coming 7 Generations. Water Ritual. Fire Ritual. Earth Ritual. Air Ritual. We will walk the spiral of creation and reawaken our relationship with Mother Earth.


Rituals of Collective Care and Cleansing

SoulShifting Retreats are a calling forth of like spirited self-selected souls working for conscious evolution on the planet.

A gathering of awake, aware, and evolving individuals weaving an intentional tapestry of awareness in service to the coming 7 generations of a newly evolving paradigm. We are parents, teachers, activists, artists, healers, and co-creative visionaries returning home to our ancestral wisdom as multi-dimensional beings sharing an incarnation during this critical timeline here on planet Earth.

When we come together in SoulShifting Retreat and co-create inside an energetic container designed to support our authentic selves, we grow exponentially and re-emerge from the SoulShifting collective process with clarity and increased security around how to move forward with our life’s purpose. The personal connections and networks made at these gatherings create an alchemy of wisdom and power as we form lasting ties of supportive and loving community.

December 2016 Ancestral Procession

SoulShifting Retreats invites you to make a difference in your own life as well as in the lives of all beings on planet Earth.

Engaging Indigenous Technologies from around the globe we anchor our energetic selves in our cross-cultural altars of personal and planetary transformation that we create in our sacred Lodge of World Transformation while we do the work of feeding and attuning our reawakening consciousness with synchretic global indigenous technologies including those from Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, and Burkina Faso; Peruvian Coastal, Highland, and Amazonian wisdom keepers; Ecuador, Turtle Island (N. America), Japan, Tibet, and the African Diaspora.

Some of the teachings and offerings of this divine apprenticeship/retreat include creating a strong energetic container, dream magic, astral travel,  Pachakuti Mesa Practice, Spiritual Hygeine, dowsing, elemental ritual with fire and water, inter-dimensional ancestral connections, grief rituals, legacy healings, protection rituals, and energetic attunements.