Your Soulshifting Co-Creators

Dr. G. Love

SoulShifting Guide and Spaceholder

Dr. G. Love / Geryll Robinson is an Internationally appreciated healer and teacher of Indigenous Technologies, elemental healing modalities, and Cross Cultural Shamanism. Dr. G. Love is a Doctor of Naprapathy, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Poet, Playwright, and the visionary steward of SoulShifting Retreats. Dr. Geryll is a long time practitioner and lifetime apprentice of elemental cross-cultural shamanic traditions. She has an online and in­-person Private practice at Five Directions Wellness and through this practice has been participating in the wellness, awakening, and conscious evolution of her global community since 2003. All of her work is dedicated to the playful and harmonious evolution of the Planet in service to the coming 7 generations.

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Sakara Kemilla

Spiritual Life Coach, African Cowrie Shell Diviner,
Energy Healing Master Teacher

Born into a family of healers and artists, Sakara Kemilla has been a life-long student of art, culture, and conscious evolution. She attended Oberlin College, and she holds a Divinity Degree awarded for her writing and ministry in ancient wisdom traditions. Her certifications in Applied Kinesiology, energy healing, Aura Soma Colour therapy, Pendulum Dowsing, iridology, Ayurveda Agnihotra Sacred Fire Ceremony, and West African Dagara Cowrie Shell Divination inform her approach to serving clients and facilitating balance through indigenous cosmologies. Sakara has studied and immersed herself in numerous other natural healing therapies to acquire a well-rounded holistic education and proficiency in intuitive counseling. As a Meditation Teacher, Sakara draws upon her 45 years of personal meditative practice as a Kriya Yogini.

London, England’s Double Edge Theater Company sponsored Sakara for a one year healer-in-residency, and during this period Sakara designed and led the company’s repertory theater group in presenting her Inner Art for Life program to support an inter-disciplinary project using principles of theater performance with brain integration and body-mind synthesis. She also conducted workshops and seminars on The Divine Feminine for many of Greater London’s women centers.

In Scandinavia as well as within the United States, Sakara’s art and ancestral workshop, House of the Light Ancestors has been enthusiastically received. She is the former owner-director of a Pan-African fine arts gallery in Ohio, and was a member of the African Studies Department at Oberlin College having directed their Afrikan Heritage Program; she taught personal development to inner city residents establishing micro-enterprise businesses under the auspices of Small Business Administration. A former member of Essence Magazine Healer’s Registry, dozens of young people have referred to her for guidance in their development as healing facilitators.

As an elder and senior practitioner, Sakara is available for speaking engagements, training, residencies, and mentoring. Clients and students of her work cite her warm and heart-centered teaching style.

Maria Franco-Rahman

SoulShifting Assistant and Translator

Maria del Rosario Franco-Rahman is guided by the belief that we all inherently possess the wisdom to heal ourselves and our communities. Her life’s work is sustained by dreams of a loving, violent-free world where healing and liberation resound.

Her work in the anti-violence against women movement for a decade has included direct service to undocumented domestic violence survivors in her role as the Residential Program Manager at a culturally-specific transitional shelter, organizing with the Los Angeles Chapter of INCITE!, offering holistic healing retreats to survivors and service providers as well as co-authoring “A Holistic Healing Model for Counselors, Advocates and Lawyers Serving Trauma Survivors: Joyful Heart Foundation Retreat” set for publication in Traumatology, 2017 and currently serves as Project Coordinator at the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence.

Maria’s healing work includes the medicine of yoga as a certified teacher and most recently as apprentice to Dr. G Love. She is a Los Angeles native and Chicana moving through this world honoring her ancestors con todo corazon.

Rose Wonderfabulous

Digital Dreamer & Diviner, SoulShifting Assistant

Rose is a creative force beyond the known limits of the universe and celebrated for their innovative talents of D.I.Y.-ing a way through their human incarnation on planet earth. This healer, warrior, and finely attuned, prizmatic, black, dark-matter conjurer is a heartfelt Techno-mancer and a sponge for knowledge. Rose has been an ongoing apprentice of Dr. G. Love’s in Reiki, energetic healing, and Shamanic Cross-cultural practices since 2012. Prior to apprenticing with Dr. G. Love, Rose has spent much time officially and unofficially enrolled in the following educational institutions: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, The School of Hard Knocks, The Streets of Chicago, i.c. stars, The Internet, and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Zoë Flowers

SoulShifting Guide and Spaceholder

(Co-Maestra SoulShifting 2016 Cycle)


Zoë Flowers is an author, poet, actress, Reiki Master and seasoned domestic violence expert. Zoë teaches poetry and theatre at an arts based high school in Brooklyn, NY. Her poetry and essays can be found in Stand Our Ground; Poems for Trayvon Martin and Marissa Alexander, and Dear Sister: Letters From Survivors of Sexual Assault and several online journals. With almost fifteen years of experience in the domestic violence field, Zoë has appeared on National Public Radio, works nationally and has spoken internationally on the issue of domestic and sexual violence. Zoë worked at several state domestic violence coalitions where she provided training and technical assistance to local and state domestic violence programs and community partners across the country.

Zoë also works with the Joyful Heart Foundation as a holistic healing practitioner for their survivor retreats and other events and continues to work on behalf women of color advocates, survivors and their families at the Women of Color Network.
In 2014, Zoë launched Soul Requirements, which combines her artistic projects, domestic violence expertise, and holistic healing practice. Since then, Zoë has facilitated individual and group Reiki sessions and practioner trainings and readings to clients across the country and oversees. She also donates her services at community events when asked. Zoë provided healing support to sexual assault survivors while they testified at the Black Women’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission hosted by Black Women’s Blueprint this past May, to participants at a series of plays dedicated to Trayvon Martin at the National Black Theatre in Harlem and countless other venues. In addition to Soul Requirements and all her other hats, Zoe was one of the original members of the Black Witch Chronicles.  Zoë, shared readings, channeled messages and provided sage advice to thousands via Facebook and YouTube as part of the trio. Zoë is also one of the co-creators of Solstice SoulShifting. This cutting edge retreat combines indigenous healing technologies with survivor-centered approaches to provide participants with a retreat experience of a lifetime. Dr. G. Love and Zoë are looking forward to hosting another retreat this December in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador.

Dirty Laundry: Women of Color Speak up about Dating & Domestic Violence emerged from interviews Zoë conducted with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. From Ashes to Angel’s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood (FA2AD) is a ChoreoDrama that uses monologues; poetry and vignettes to breathe life into the original stories shared in Dirty Laundry and includes new stories about racism, same sex violence, body image and the journey to self-love.

Jeri Hilt

Documentarian, Story Keeper, Spirit Walker

SoulShifting Documentarian 2016


Jeri is a filmmaker, artistic photographer, writer, and Co-Editor of Mixed Company, a compilation of narratives of Black Women living in New Orleans.  She is also a former lecturer of African Studies and International Development issues at Tennessee State and Dillard Universities. She has also worked with research, development, and teaching projects in South Sudan, Kenya, Burundi, and the United Kingdom, and the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. She is a Louisiana native with ties to New Orleans, Central Louisiana(Avoyelles Parish) and Shreveport, Louisiana. Founder of Cross the Canal, created for native expression through art editorial stories, and creative development initiatives.



Maya Seas

Videographer/Documentarian, Dream Weaver

SoulShifting Documentarian 2016


maya seas many worlds and breathes daily to achieve peaceful and radiant alignment with all of the many. maya’s tools include singing bowl sound baths, energetically recharging preparation of food, creating motion and still visuals using camera lenses as extentions of her beloved eye.
more about her/work is on instagram @maya.seas