An Episode of the Black Witch Chronicles: Queering the Spirit Work: A Glance at Sexuality and Gender in Spirit Work
Dr. Geryll Robinson, Lakeesha Harris, and Zoƫ Flowers come together for another episode of the Black Witch Chronicles featuring Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs. Resonance: Black Prizmatic Realness

Check out this live taping of the #BlackWitchChronicles Zoe Flowers, Dr. Gee Love and Lakeesha Harris gathered in Brooklyn New York to spread knowledge and healing!!! #BlackWitchChronicles #Canablackwitchlive #BlackWitchNation !!

Introduction to the Pachakuti Mesa

Ascension Symptoms Video Series with Dr. G. Love

Respecting the New Paradigm Journey: Why a Healing Crises Can be Transformative

SoulShifting Documentary… Coming Soon