Who is Dr. G. Love?


Afro-Indigenous street alchemy

Geryll “Dr. G. Love” Robinson is a Doctor of Naprapathy, Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Diviner, Poet, Reiki Master, co-creative artist, and Goddess at Large. Dr. G. Love is also a Black Prizmatic spiritual and political activist for Human and Planetary Rights commited to Soul Liberation for all sentient beings including the Planet herself! Dr. G. Love’s work is about Balance. Truth. Reconciliation. Evolution. Re-membering who we are.

During a ritual early in the year 2000, Dr. G. Love received a message from the Ancestors about her future work as a healer, and Earth Steward. The work would entail traveling to different energetically charged locations on the planet, spending time with the landscapes, and holding space for healing ritual and/or altars of offerings as part of a larger scale multi-dimensional global healing project. At the time Dr. G. was living as a writer, performer, reveler, and lay practitioner of elemental and Orisha guided spirit work. The path of her life immediately shifted into one of expansive personal healing and discovery that led to an uncovering and awakening to a deeper vision of her life’s purpose. She began her studies in Natural Medicine (Naprapathy) and apprenticeships in Reiki and Cross Cultural Indigenous Technologies in earnest. After 16 years of study, apprenticeships, travel, ritual, a few hurricanes, earthquakes, flood, drought, gunfire, intensive multidimensional work with thousands of patients in her private practice at Five Directions Wellness, and hundreds of apprentices through individual and group classes taught in New Orleans, Ecuador, Chicago, Tampa, FL, Vermont, New York, California, international webinars, and more, Dr. G. Love is excited to be leading SoulShifting Retreats for the global conscious evolutionary.

SoulShifting blessings from the Venus of Valdivia

The work that moves through Dr. G. Love is an ever expanding tapestry of synchretic healing work, indigenous technologies, community spirit, personal insight, storytelling, humor, art, beauty, mysticism, and activism to be shared and utilized as a doorway, anchor, and guide for our journey as a new paradigm generation of visionary Liberated Souls.

Dr. G. Love has an online and in-person private practice through Five Directions Wellness. She is a co-grounder for Sojourners Land QPOC eco-spirititual land movement in rural Tennessee and is proud to be co-stewarding forest, fresh waters, and field as part of our Sojourners Land  sanctuary with the brilliant visionary land steward, Valencia Wombone. Her work has incarnated in such forms as The Black Witch Chronicles Video series, Legacy Reiki Attunements, Shamanic workshops in earth honoring traditions, teaching artist creations on anti-violence, sexual liberation, and energy work, Installation ritual art (Earth Works), fabulous new-paradigm photo and video projects, and stageplays.

Dr. G. Love has had the pleasure of apprenticing with lifetimes of Master Healers and teachers, ascended masters, illuminated ancestors, elemental guides, and countless brilliant beings who continue to assist on this amazing journey of Spirit.